203 Style Sofa

Fabric shown on sofa: 345102, two 20” style #13 pillows in 344409, one 11”x19” style #26 pillow in 331409 with self welt cut on the bias.

Standard pillows: One pair 20” style #13 pillows (square with welt) in same fabric as sofa. See price list for options.

Standard back style: Tufted pullover inside back (not available in other back styles)

Wood finish shown: Shagbark

Wood finishes available: See “Wood Trim Options” pages in price list

Nailhead: Medium size standard at bottom of baseband (available without nailhead at no additional charge)

Nailhead finish shown: Antique Brass (see nailhead sample card for options)

Fabric shown on chair and ottoman: 344509 on 203 Chair, and 344409 on 942 Chair with 3444509 on inset pillow (foreground)

Cover options: The 203 style is also available in leather.


Design note: Due to the custom hand-crafted nature of tufting, unique variations in appearance and seating comfort should be expected. Additionally, the tufting and seams make it impossible for horizontal and vertical patterns to be fully matched. Consequently, NO patterns will be matched on the 203 style.